g.o.a.t music
by jim laczkowski

all records here

covered (2012)
cover song ballads, three tracks featuring meghan lamb
please disperse (2012)
instrumental recordings collection
anchorage (2012)
recorded with two live drummers in march-april 2012
thesis (2012)
cover songs recorded in 2012
warm asylum (2012)
synthpop songs recorded during the winter of 2011
cold home (2012)
synthpop b-sides ep
near-life experience (2011)
guitar-soaked instrumental songs recorded over the years
roses are blue (2011)
an album of different genres throughout most of 2011
telstar (2010)
one of my stronger efforts recorded throughout 2010
projector (2010)
first all-synthpop record i put out in late 2010
deathless (2005)
a record i wrote after my fiance broke up with me and my father died

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